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You have heard a lot about the natural cosmetics ChocoLatte and now you want to buy it profitable?
For you, we have opened the official online store, store completely dedicated to natural cosmetics ChocoLatte from Siberia (Russia).
Our policy: always the best conditions on ChocoLatte for our customers!

100% natural cosmetics ChocoLatte

Decorative 100% mineral cosmetics ChocoLatte

Why ChocoLatte?

We reveal the secrets of ChocoLatte brand success in the article «ChocoLatte - cosmetics for gourmets».

In addition to the official website "Шоколате.РФ" we have retail store "Солнечная 10", which has been working since 2012.

The store constantly rotates trademarks of natural cosmetics. Therefore, we have the opportunity in practice to compare similar products of different natural (and not very) brands.

So, brand ChocoLatte has always been in the lead from the very beginning of the opening of the retail store.

This is explained by quality 100% natural composition, wide assortment and affordable price.

And, of course, we ourselves use cosmetics ChocoLatte daily!

Why our store?

Ten reasons for buying from us and feedback from our customers.